Ginger Shampoo

For several years, I have a subscription with Syl ‘n Meer in Oude Wetering. Every two weeks a complete arrangement in the vase is delivered to my doorstep. That’s great.  They know what I really do not appreciate … painted flowers for example. But also what my personal preferences are: bulbous flowers, seasonal flowers and branches, etc.


Autumn makes clearly its entry, not only outside but also in the weekly arrangements. This week I was surprised with a beautiful Hydrangea surrounded by Dianthus, Gerbera, Cotinus, Calathea ‘Network’ and Agapanthus seedflower.
Remarkably, however, was the large red-orange flower that drew the attention: by Syl ‘n Meer described as Ginger Shampoo. It is therefore a Zingiber – a large genus of herbs belonging to the ginger family. Many of these herbs come from the rootstocks of the different types of plants.

Ginger Shampoo (Zingiber zerumbet) is not only known for its use in the kitchen but also because of its inflorescence. Between the sturdy high leaves, the flowers grow under the leaves in tropical climates. At first, the flowers are white-yellow but as they ripen they turn red. During the ripening, the small tubs in the solid flower wit overlapping scales are filled with an aromatic liquid.

A fantastic interesting flower with a long vase life!