Lilium Eyeliner

Flower arrangement of the week!

For several years, I have a subscription with Syl ‘n Meer in Oude Wetering. Every two weeks a complete arrangement in the vase is delivered to my doorstep. That’s great.  They know what I really do not appreciate … painted flowers for example. But also what my personal preferences are: bulbous flowers, seasonal flowers and branches, etc.

lilium ‘eyeliner’

This week I was surprised by the lily ‘Eyeliner’. At my request Jolande always writes a small note with the ingredients of the bouquet, because I would like to know what’s in it … If we take the time to photograph the work of art than we can tell everyone which flowers pleased us the most!

Lily ‘Eyeliner is a beautiful white lily, in times of making this picture they already had a vase life of 10 days. Like the other flowers as well! ‘Eyeliner’ is a cross breeding between a Lilum longiflorum (the famous white trumpet lily) and an Asiatic lily. Therefore, this great variety has big flowers, bigger than an average Asiatic lily. Fragrant? Just a little, that’s because the crossing parents (families) are usually not very fragrant.